Friday, 4 March 2011

I. Just the Start

SUMMER 2006 - It was the summer before the start of grade 9. Although highschool was not on my mind quite just yet, even though it was 2 months away. All i wanted to do was to have fun with my friends...except, it is hard to do when you have an overprotective mother. I did have a load fun anyway. I was happy. I have such a big family whom I am close with and I had friends that I was lucky to have. I was positive we would all stay close friends, regardless if all of us weren't going to the same highschool. We did almost everything together (obviously not everything since we were just kids, but just think of everything as what kids do what they think is "cool"), was I stupid to believe that we all would stay very close? well at least through highschool? Answer: yes, yes I was. But its ok, that wasn't as stupid as what happened in highschool.

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