Saturday, 5 March 2011

II. Double Blue & White

And so it began. First day of highschool. The school was big, yet the students were permitted to use only a section of the school. That was no fun. First day was exciting, nerve wracking and also the occasional "I wish there were boys here" thoughts. First day was interesting, conversed with people who I never saw or talked to again was amusing to me, casually making fun of other girls, amazed/confused by how many sets of twins I saw, the shitty lockers we had which I never got to open til the second week of school, the weird stench lurking on the first floor, there was so much to take in. And one of the most important rule when surrounded by almost a thousand girls in kilts? Don't look up when walking up the stairs, unless...nevermind I won't go there.

I entered highschool having a boyfriend. It didn't last long because I realized I couldn't look into his eyes and say "I love you" back. So I broke up with him. Sorry? I'm not the type who says I love you when I don't mean it. It was my mistake getting together with him. Anyway.....grade 9. The year of firsts. First party that involved alcohol. First time smoking a joint. First know the rest. Making new friends was the best but sucked at the same time when I realized my old friends were already slowly drifting away. I didn't want that to happen. I tried my best keeping them close.


Halfway throughout the year and of course we all longed for boys. Boys. Oh god. Queue in hot skater boy. Oh, did I fall for him. He could've used better, more appealing clothes but I really had deep feelings for this guy. I gave him everything. I was surprised I even snatched a guy like him. I trusted him. I, I regret that I even said it, but I loved him. He was sweet, kind, all those good qualities. My thoughts about him changed after what he did. He was a pig and she was a bitch. End of story. I do thank him though, for crushing my trust toward any guy I came close with. Best part about the break-up? The song, "Apologize" started playing in the background.


I wish I could write more about the occurences in grade 9 but it's a little blurry. Maybe because it wasn't as what I anticipated it to be like. Whatever, it was still a funfest. Parties. Getting in trouble and eventually getting kicked out during class because we couldn't stop laughing histerically. Parties. Making friends who started getting jealous with who I started hanging out with. Twas ridiculous to me. I mean, saying "Oh look, she ditched us for the 'cool' people" was unnecessary. The only reason you think they were cool was because they talked to whole lot more people than you did at the time and you thought they were pretty. Sure, they were pretty, but that's not what I consider "cool." What the hell is "cool?" After all, I still stayed by your side, I still talked to you, I still hung out with you. You obviously meant something. Grade 9 was the year when you make friends with the people you're going to hang out with the rest of highschool. Or so I thought.

Skipping/leaving class to meet up with friends often occurred. We'd walk around the school or sit in the hallway, stairwell, and chat about anything. Anything interesting that would waste time so we wouldn't have to go back to that boring class right away.

Exam time. Piece of cake.


End of the year house party. Need I say more? It was awesome. Of course there were guys there but it was also when I realized that partying with these girls was crazy and the best. <3


On a side note, having close friends that went to a different highschool was fun. Words spreading around saying "I heard you smoke weed now" was funny but I was curious of how that got around at their school. But I didn't care. Why? Gossip at my school was 10x better.........

Friday, 4 March 2011

I. Just the Start

SUMMER 2006 - It was the summer before the start of grade 9. Although highschool was not on my mind quite just yet, even though it was 2 months away. All i wanted to do was to have fun with my friends...except, it is hard to do when you have an overprotective mother. I did have a load fun anyway. I was happy. I have such a big family whom I am close with and I had friends that I was lucky to have. I was positive we would all stay close friends, regardless if all of us weren't going to the same highschool. We did almost everything together (obviously not everything since we were just kids, but just think of everything as what kids do what they think is "cool"), was I stupid to believe that we all would stay very close? well at least through highschool? Answer: yes, yes I was. But its ok, that wasn't as stupid as what happened in highschool.